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Acquisition and Investment

Capital for Growth

Capital for your Growing Business

NutriScience provides capital for mergers, acquisitions and growth. We invest in growing companies and also take majority ownership of companies while assisting in operations or taking full control. We are passionate about nutrition, entrepreneurship, and the growth of companies. If you would like to sell your nutrition products brand or need capital for growth, please reach out to us with a proposal.

Acquisitions, Investments, Strategic Partnerships

We provide capital for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re looking to sell your company outright or are looking for help getting to the next level, NutriScience can work with you to get there.

Growth Capital – Let NutriScience invest in your company’s growth and help you reach new heights. We can fund your growth.

Receivable financing – NutriScience can help to factor your receivables and provide inventory capital needs as your company grows.

Systems and processes – NutriScience can fund new systems, processes and infrastructure needs as your company grows.

Human Resources – NutriScience can fund the growth of your team and you hire key people that your organization needs for growth.

Our Advisory

NutriScience builds, grows and develops nutrition products brands to reach their full potential. Reach out to us to see how we can help you to grow.


NutriScience is looking for nutrition products brands with the potential to lead their product categories. We look at proposals for investment, full acquisition, and advisory services.