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A Dynamic Speaker for Your Dental Conference

NutriScience energizes, motivates, and inspires dentists, their staff, and their spouses, at dental conferences across North America.

“NutriScience Producing Peak Performance was the most exciting and valuable seminar of the entire conference!” – Dr. Bruce Wilkes, NC

Recent and upcoming dental conferences include:

  • The Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver, Canada 2001, 2002, 2006
  • Global Dental Seminars, Canada Dental Meeting, Calgary, 2003
  • AmericanAcademy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Fla, 2003
  • Pacific Northwest Dental Conference, Washington, 2003, 2004
  • Excellence in Dentistry, Fla, 2003, 2004, 2005
  • New Orleans Dental Conference, LA 2003
  • BronxCounty Dental Conference, NY, 2005
  • Academy of General Dentistry, San Destin, 2005
  • The Great Minds of Dentistry, Las Vegas, 2005
  • The Best Dental Seminar Ever, Las Vegas, 2005
  • Hinman Dental Conference, Atlanta, 2006
  • American Dental Association, 2005
  • Chicago Mid-winter, 2005, 2006, 2007
  • Kentucky Dental Association, KY 2005
  • Texas Dental Association, TX 2005
  • Greater New York Dental Meeting, NY 2006

“I invited NutriScience to speak at our conference for two years in a row, and I invited her back again for our 2005 meeting, because of the overwhelming response to her program. If you want a dynamic, high energy speaker with a life-changing program that will inspire, captivate, and motivate the audience, NutriScience is a must.”
– Dr. Timothy Marker, Program Chair, Pacific Northwest Dental Conference

Formats available

Keynote presentations (up to 1 hour), half-day seminars (up to 3 hours), or full-day presentations (up to 6 hours). NutriScience works with you to develop a program to suit your conference needs.

“I highly recommend NutriScience-her vast knowledge about exercise and nutrition and her desire to change people’s lives in a positive direction make her an incredible resource! I invited her to speak to clients of our dental practice, Southern DentalImplantCenter in 2002 and she changed the lives of every person that attended. Our patients that attended truly appreciated the value-added benefit we provided to them through NutriScience’s seminar.” – Jeanne Locante, Owner, Southern DentalImplantCenter, Memphis, TN

NutriScience is very popular and the calendar for dental conferences and events fills up quickly. Please follow this link to check on NutriScience’s availability for your event. Or, you may call her directly at (888) 88-ENERGY.

Programs for Dental Office Staff and Patients

NutriScience is sought-after for developing in-office healthy lifestyle programs which benefit the dentists, staff, and patients. NutriScience has trained staff in offices across North America, including Southern Dental Implant Center, Offices of Dr. Glenn Sperbeck DDS, and John Mattingly Orthodontics, how to improve their personal energy, health, productivity, and customer service; lower absenteeism and reduce health care costs for the practice; and to share that information with their patients to help improve their dental health and reduce risk of chronic degenerative diseasehttps://roulette222ee.com