Logistics: Book a Speaker or Seminar?

By November 22, 2012 Education

Here’s what you need to know to ensure a successful event

Formats Available

Keynote presentations (up to 1 hour), half-day presentations (up to 3 hours), or full-day presentations (up to 6 hours). We work with you to develop a program to suit your conference needs.

AV Requirements

  • Screen
  • LCD projector
  • Lavaliere cordless microphone (for large room and large audience)
  • Flip Chart and markers
  • Pens for seminar participants

NutriScience will provide the following items:

  • Laptop for PowerPoint presentation
  • Original of Participant workbooks for copying

Pre-meeting Questionnaire

Click here to download a questionnaire to be completed before your event.

Other Suggestions

  • Our goal is to maximize your investment in our speakers and to give as much of ourselves to the audience that we can.
  • We like to interact with the audience in an intimate setting, no matter what size room or audience. So we prefer to not be put behind a lectern or head table. For large rooms, please put our speaker on a riser without a lectern. We also prefer to have the audience close and to walk through the audience, rather than be on a stage far away from the audience.
  • Please have a wireless lavaliere microphone.
  • Please read the speaker’s introduction as close to the written version as time permits.
  • Our speakers enjoy meeting as many members of the audience as possible. We will attend your social events, if requested, but please do not make arrangements to keep them out late at night.
  • At multi-day confernces, we prefer to speak in the morning rather than afternoon sessions.
  • If the door at the back of the room closes loudly, please have a door stop so that the door will not be a distraction.
  • If photos are to be taken, never take them during the first fifteen minutes of the presentation. It will be too much of a distraction for your audience and speaker. (It is possible to take “posed action” shots during the break.)