Implementing the Program

By November 22, 2012 December 22nd, 2021 Wellness programs

Here’s a list of programs to offer in conjunction with a Corporate Wellness Program:

Keep pure water in site, and in mind

Offer distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water to employees (preferably in 4 gallon dispensers rather than individual bottles – more cost effective and environmentally sound). Offer tea in addition to coffee, and encouraging decaf coffee rather than caffeinated, as well as healthy alternatives (e.g. stevia) to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Shake up the office!

Make available on-site the ingredients and tools necessary to make the EnergyFirst Shake for breakfast (most importantly), lunch, or snacks during the work day. (Whey Protein, Omega Oil Blend, Greenergy, frozen fruit, and blender or frozen drink machine in lunch rooms or cafeteria).

“Healthify” your vending machines and cafeteria menus!

Offer healthier snack options: Removing sodas, candy, and chips from vending machines and cafeterias and offering healthy snack alternatives including protein bars, low fat cheese sticks, raw nuts, raw seeds, fruit, and bottled water.

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Offer Healthier lunch options: Remove hydrogenated fats, fried foods, and sugar-laden desserts from the menu and replace with grilled chicken salads, tuna salad, salmon, chicken, and tuna burgers on a whole wheat bun with salad, pita bread pockets, cottage cheese, non-fat yogurt, pita pizzas, fresh fruit, raw vegetable sticks with healthy dips, protein bars, almonds, etc.

Get moving!

Install treadmills and provide light hand weights (1 to 10 lbs) on-site in an exercise room, displaying full-size graphics of the Heavy Hands walking program. Encourage (and offer iincentives to do so) 30 minute exercise breaks each day. For instance, schedule various exercise time blocks per department.

Take your daily Multi!

the use of a multi vitamin/mineral and antioxidants for optimal health and energy.


Offer stress management classes including deep breathing, meditation, and other relaxation techniques that can be implemented during the work day. Make space for a “quiet room” where staff can go to chill out. Offer a “venting room” with a punching bag and gloves where staff can let off some steam. Better they take it out on the bag than other staff!

Enforce a no-smoking policy!

Offer smoking cessation educational classes and support groups. Enforce a no-smoking policy on premises, coupled with smoking cessation education programs, “the patch” (which is statistically the most effective method for smoking cessation), and support groups.

Lead by Example

Secure commitment from your employees to adopt at least one of the above program components. Better yet, tell them what you’ll be doing. Lead by example.