Ensuring Success of Your Wellness Program

By November 22, 2012 Wellness programs

To ensure success of any corporate wellness program, participation from the employee is essential. The employee’s areas of concern are increasing contributions to health care costs and possible loss of health care coverage.

Incentives to encourage employee participation could include:

  • Reducing health care contributions
  • More extensive insurance coverage
  • Paid days off to reward results measured by the objective metrics

These incentives have been effective, in combination with the EnergyFirst Wellness program and a smoking cessation program, to improve health and productivity and lower health care costs at Gibbs Die Casting, Henderson, KY over a six month period.

To ensure sustainability, Make it fun and easy to implement…

  • Identify healthy eateries and restaurants in close proximity to the workplace. Compile menus from local eateries and identify healthy items for employees to choose from.
  • Post nutrition information on cafeteria food and vending machine options
  • Keep employees constantly informed through continuing education (see above)
  • Encourage family participation in education programs.
  • Host family sports day events with healthy snacks provided
  • Host bi-annual health fares offering cholesterol screening, blood pressure tests, blood sugar tests, body composition tests, coupled with education programs.