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  • 16/11/2012

    Clean, Balanced Fuel for Peak Performance

    I am constantly asked by professionals how they can improve their performance. The answer, I tell them, is simple. Follow the 7 Peak Performance Essentials, which are the key to achieving optimum performance and you will find your energy, productivity, and performance increases. Read more

  • 16/11/2012

    Hydrate for Health

    After oxygen, water is your highest priority for attaining optimum health. Why? It’s quite simple-your body is over 70% water. Your brain is over 85% water. So it makes sense that you can’t drink too much water-pure water. Staying hydrated is absolutely crucial for optimum brain function and optimum health. It is vital for slowing aging. I often say we age from the brain down. Read more

  • 16/11/2012

    The Power of Positive Thinking!

    What you think about yourself-your self-image-has just as great an impact on your physical health as your nutrition and exercise program! Read more

  • 16/11/2012

    Lean Protein for Peak Performance

    When it comes to improving performance-physical and mental, lean protein is vital. The amino acids that make up protein are the building blocks of your lean mass: your muscles, bones, and tissues; and your feel-good brain chemicals. You need high quality protein to build a high quality, high performance body and mind Read more

  • 16/11/2012

    Cholesterol and Heart Disease – Dispelling the Myths

    Cholesterol and Heart Disease is the number one tandem of health ailments that most of us face as we age. Medicine has certainly made great advances in fighting these two problems over the past decade. But, are we fooling ourselves into thinking we’ve got these problems beat? I think we are. Read more

  • 15/11/2012

    7 Keys to Reducing the Damaging Effects of Stress

    In times of stress do you find your waistline quickly expanding? Often get sick? Ever wondered why? Dentistry is arguably one of the most stressful professions, so chances are you have had first-hand experience with the damaging effects of stress. The purpose of this article is to explain the physical impacts of stress and to give you some simple guidelines that will “stress-proof” your body! Read more

  • 15/11/2012

    How Balanced Nutrition Can Save Your Teeth and Prevent Disease

    Brushing and flossing are not the only healthy rituals that are vital for optimum dental health. Read more

  • 15/11/2012

    Optimal Brain Nutrition for Mental and Emotional Well-being

    Do you ever feel depressed? Moody? Tense? Irritable? Anxious? Ever drink alcohol or crave sweets when you are feeling blue? You are not alone. In fact, Prozac and other anti-depressants are the top-selling pharmaceuticals today. The good news is that these issues are often caused by a lack of vital brain chemicals, called neurotransmitters, and can be reversed-drug free. Read more